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Originally Posted by J.D.DIAMOND View Post
Yes Marty and Lionessheart,you both have great points. It sucks when you go to a forum to have fun posting your thought and everybody is negative all the time yelling at each other..ect..

This is a main reason why I came here to the Saxon Forum from the Judas Priest forum....I've been at the Judas Priest forum since Jan.2005 and still post over there as well...but I would'nt recomend "ANYBODY" to go over there because there is way too much "bickering".

And some guys get pretty nasty with thier posts and there is NO ADMINISTRATOR or moderator controlling things,no moderator to ban anyone's accounts from the website.

There is a web master named "Murray" but he never checks in at the forum and only pops in twice a year or so.

So that lets idiots basically "ruin" it for everybody. Its not like that all the time,but there is one person that has been there for a long time creating false accounts,posing as another member trying to make them look bad.

Childish things like that go on over there and if there was a moderator they would'nt be able to do this.I still post over there because I still have a lot of friends there that I have been talking to for the last 4 years.

But this forum seems to be very cool and everybody seems to get along with each other,and the administrator here would ban anybody who caused problems...the way it should be.

Sorry for jumping off topic,that interview with Biff was excellent and its always cool to see the band members having a laugh!! Thanks again Marty and I hope your health gets better my friend.
I post on the JP forum (as metalmaz). I hardly go on there now. It's full of really sad people and fanboys. I was utterly flamed for daring to criticise Nostradamus. "If you don't like everything by Priest you're not a real fan" and all that crap.

As you say there is some nasty things said in there .There was someone advocating rape for God's sake.
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