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fake news
*****fake news)))))

Saxon releases CONCEPT ALBUM ..........

Biff "yeah , this has been 10 years in the making. No one has ever made an album like this... ha ha maybe for good reason.
This concept album is easy to follow. The story is very clear. I don't think any band has ever attemped this idea. We have
original lyrics between other artis chorus's. It's a little hard to explain. Saxon has written original verses between
other artists choruses. Over the ten years writing this we had to delete 2 or 3 songs because we couldn't get the rights to use them.
We did find other songs to use which turned out to be better because we had to dig deep to find the right songs. Part of the reason we
couldn't use the song is because the origianl singer was not available to add the vocals or we couldn't secure the right to add it to the
comcept album. Yes, you will hear the origial artist that wrote the song or made it famous singing on this album. The running time is
nearly 2 hours. We don't have a title for this concept album at this time. Ultimate plan is to make a video of the whole concept album
with the origial singers singing their chous's in an non stop videos.

#### crazy fake news ######
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