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Originally Posted by saxon40 View Post
Well I have been reading this post, and I would love to weigh in on it. Strong Arm Metal is a 30 to 40 dollar cd in pristine condition. I have around 300 Saxon cds and could tell you just about what I have in each one. They range from 1.00 to 250.00 dollars
I would say by far Rock the Nations 1987 Emi Japan release is by far the hardest to get. It was in short supply in Japan and is a real gem. I would love to answer any questions you may have for me on cds. I only have a couple Lps that are rare a heck.
Forever Free on Warhammer is killer in a 12" and also The best on Carrere records only released in Mexico.
take care and hit me up anytime with any questions. Bryan
That's a heck of a collection. Would love to see a list of what you've got!! Might well have some questions for you in the future. Cheers.

While I'm here. Many years ago I picked up a vinyl copy of 'The Eagle Has Landed' because the cover looked 'wrong'. When I got home and checked it with my other copy I realised that the Eagles head on the cover was facing the other way. Has anyone else ever noticed that?

Bit anal I know but when it comes to Saxon I'm always looking out for things!!
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