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We all love the early stuff goes without saying. Some bands never replace original members and retain oR better what they originally achieved. With Nigel, Nibbs & Doug saxon have managed to build something better in my view. Live they are better than ever not going through the motions a live saxon show is full on. Album wise the quality has been incredible with the new members. Yes I'm biased but I struggle to think of a metal band who has consistently put out albums of Saxons quality. Then the other argument which is better early classics or more recent very strong material. To me its impossible to compare I love the trilogy of early 80s classics and they marked an exciting time in my teens. I still get as excited by the new stuff the hunger still rages. So for me its mix and match that's what makes it great. As for a reunion it won't happen. Saxon forged ahead through the very difficult 90s and into the 00s. They have a brilliant unit and all members seem to enjoy what they do - the internet has brought the band closer to the fans. And the fan base has been growing again (never went away not visible to a lot of people) the band getting the recognition they deserve. Friends have met Steve and graham saying they are nice guys. But Saxon today is a totally different animal than when they where members. It went in a different direction than they wanted to go (for various reasons). Saxon survived the hard times due to the determination of the current line up and love of what they do. No going back.

I you want to see a sad story look at the current Tank line up. It only resembles Tank in name sounds nothing like tank. Not bad music very well played and recorded but in my opinion would be better going by a new band name rather than using a known one.
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