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Originally Posted by dazjames View Post
Hello all, new poster here seeking some advice.

I have two saxon cds which appear to be imports from Japan via Toshiba EMI Limited.

The first one is strong arm of law and the second is the album Saxon.

Strong arm is TOCP-8373
Saxon is TOCP-8371

Both have white cases and have inlays in both English and Japanese.

I was hoping and wondering if anyone would know what they are worth? Dont worry mods I am not a pro cd dealer.

Would consider selling on forum.

I also have a Diamond Head jap import on teichiku records. The cd is am I evil.

Thanks for any help.
Originally Posted by Fingers View Post
Hi Daz,

I think Mr Beefheart was making a comment on Diamond Head Maybe post some pics on here of the CD's and that may garner more interest, there are a few on here that are in to all things "rare" Saxon.
Daz, Fingers is correct. Put some pics up here and lets have a look. With the Jap ones it's always important that they have the Obi Strip with them. Cheers
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