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Default Phil from Sussex, England

Hi There, I'm Phil, from Sussex, England.
First Saxon gig was Denim &leather, first in Brighton then at Hammersmith.
Some of the mid 80s shows were mind numbingly loud! Kind of rediscovered the band at the Motorhead 30th anniversary show in London, where Saxon stole the shiw IMO. Been to see them a few times since, St Georges Day last 2 times, Superb, also supporting Motorhead in Brighton last year.,

Also like a lot of the oldschool Punk Rock,stil llisten to my Damned, Slaughter, Ramones all the time too.

As I live well out of town, gigs are not that easy to get to, but I make a couple of dozen or so a year, recently Metallica at the O2, Motorhead/Saxon/Danko Jones in Brighton, also get down to Brighton to see some of the 100s of smaller bands that play there every week, Drookit Dogs are a good laff, not totally heavy, but a good noise.

I'm also a big Soccer fan, following my team Brighton. I set up a couple of years ago, just for fun, and I am about to launch , again, just for fun, so please do take a look if you have a chance.

Al the best

Have you added a photo fo your shirt?
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