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Originally Posted by Husky View Post
I've already preordered the standard edition, before knowning about the signed one.
It's great they do a new,The Eagle Has Landed',I think
They will have a new album as well,soon.
I didnt buy it yet. I've listened to the songs...and there is a part I really do like, and some parts I really feel disappointed about.

Machine gun is a good song, but on this live version I cannot hear the perfect solo i did hear on the studio version..That could have been done more proper in another way.. Even a great song like sons of this live version biff sings a total differnet lyrics as in the booklet and in some songs his voice sounds so un-Biff-like horrific..and ther e are more of them that are disappointing..and then on other parts it sounds so much better and good..what is the reason of that? It's 40 years of candles.. sometimes it fels so pflichtmaessig.. Eagles 1 and two super... 3 also..but this fourth one? well...maybe its because there are songs on it that i dont like that much as others.. dont get me wrong I'm a fan and i will be one..I stay to the point that I like a live recording of one festival..and then especially people who come especilly for Saxon. The real Saxon tribe..Of course I listen to parts of this 40 live cd, but I will skip alot..I please myself that i have lots of other good sounding episodes.. But maybe its me..i get too old and accid? 2,5/5
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