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I’d like to get this but personally think the price is somewhat steep! Saxon fans, particularly those who collect the deluxe box set type editions, have come in for a regular caning with multiple releases over recent years, not forgetting the coloured / splatter vinyl reissues, vinyl hoard, solid book of rock, decade 4 disc set, Thunderbolt singles set etc.. The current release comes in at over £155 when you factor in postage. Now we all know nothing comes for free, no one is forced to buy it etc and this may be limited and great quality, but disregarding the box set ‘candy’ it comes in at over £30 per disc, not even coloured vinyl, which isn’t great value for money. Bearing in mind you could pick up the mammoth Nazareth box set for about £105 on its release last year, then this five disc offering, tempting as it may be, suggests a fleecing for fans...
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