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Originally Posted by mnsaxonfan View Post
Saw it on FB this morning, I really need to stop getting my hopes up for a show in Minnesota.
Paul Raymond, from UFO, replied to a fan's comment on his page about why they weren't playing his town - I'm sharing it with you as I thought it was the best written explination I've seen as to why bands can't play everywhere they would like:

"I have just responded to a similar post elsewhere, I hope it answers your question and anyone else that wants to know why there are no shows in their area: It's guaranteed that whenever a tour is published there are always going to be fans requesting the band play in their area. These decisions are not made by the band, they are made by our management in conjuntion with a booking agent. The booking agents have connections with promoters and venues across the country and put together an itinerary that can work logistically based on offers from the promoters, dates and journey times between cities. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play everywhere that we have a fanbase. This can be to do with no promoters in the area willing to book the band (based on cost or perceived risk of low ticket sales if the band have not played the area recently) or that it just cannot be fitted into the rest of the itinerary because the date the venue is available is too far away from the city on the previous day. The published shows are the ones that will be played. Sorry I can't bring you better news!"

Hope this helps - I know it's frustrating.
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