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Originally Posted by Candlemass View Post
From the few clips I've heard from them, I have little to no interest in them. I've seen folks asking about a "Classic Saxon Re-Union"...which begs the question why, why would anyone want that? The best line-up is the one they currently have, since Doug has joined the band they've been releasing one killer lp after another! On par w/the best of 'em, "Lionheart" is so good it is on par w/"Holy Diver", "Diary of a Madman", "Piece of Mind", "Heaven and Hell"...heck it's so bloody good it's "Stained Class!" If the "Classic Line-Up" was so good there would've been no need to re-record the classic songs, save for they sound better now...This is the "Classic Saxon Line-Up!"
I think that the majority of the people who say they want to see a reunion are those that probably haven't followed the band much in the last few years. And there will always be those that live in the past.
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