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Originally Posted by saxongirl View Post
No, trying to find one premade as a gift for a bedridden friend!
Originally Posted by Fingers View Post
I've not got a scrapbook but I and Im sure many others on here would be happy to help with copies of pics or scans of ticket stubs etc.

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Unfortunately, many of my old cuttings, and my original tour programmes etc that I kept got mislaid when I moved years ago (I've never quite got over that loss!!) but I do keep a file of more recent stuff including adverts, reviews, stubs and photos (My mates always know when Saxon have appeared in a magazine because there are holes all over it . Like Fingers said I would be more than happy to scan and email anything I've got that you might want. I know it's not the same as the original but it's something.

There are also a couple of good Saxon Fan Sites on the web that appear to have many pics, scans of this sort of stuff if that helps.

PM me and I will certainly do what I can.
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