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Originally Posted by Husky View Post
Shadow, you are right. This is no spam and may be somebody doesnīt see it on the bottom of the forum page.
Itīs a good idea to send an e-mail to all members. I can imagine there are some people who havnīt been here for some time but would be iteresseted in the T-shirt.
Unfortunately I still donīt know how to do this.

(Big Teaser you are not the only stupid one with the computer)

Shadow, would you do this?
Only an administrator in Admin Control Panel has the option to send an e-mail / notification to every member. Or at least this is what I know. I was in the past administrator on some Invision Power Board forums and I had that option. Forum offered also posibiliy to set a "notification" when you log in, so each member who logs in after a while sees a "welcome message" which can be "we have a new poll, please take a look". I am not sure if this one has the same settings. So we need an admin. I was thinking that maybe "old wolves" have better things to do than spend time in front of a PC but they want also the TS. Let's ask an admin to send a notification. Each member has an e-mail linked to its user and normally those e-mails will receive it. Of course, if someone is not using anymore the e-mail used to create the forum user will not receive it. If this forum type does not have this feature, please excuse me, it was just a suggestion.

Regarding the TS, I agree that we need the best quality available, this is a collector's item. We can think also that we can put forum link with a big font on the back. Or maybe the "S" from the emblem on the sleeve. It will definitely increase "production costs" but the TS will look better. And this is all that matters.

Later edit:
Just logged in to one of my old forums I am still administrator. In IPB 2.2.2 we have in ACP in section Management->Users and Groups option Mass PM members which will send a message to each user. Normally an users receives e-mail if a personal message comes to his inbox.
Another possiblity is in Tools & Settings menu in Post Office, the option Create New E-mail. You can specify subject and some content and member ranks which will receive. I hope this helps.
Might help for this specific forum type the following link:

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