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Default Saxon in Nürnberg

After an amazing Saxon gig in Düsseldorf, there I was - Nürnberg Löwensaal. I had a horrible trainride an no sleep but i was feeling brilliant. Me and a fiend of mine stood in front of the Löwensaal 2 1/2 hours omg it was so cold. But we wanted to stand in the front row^^
(I think there were 4 people after about 1 1/2 hours xD)

And hey then I met Goss and another Saxonfan from England, they came together. Well, they wanted to get some beer and they wanted to come back to be in the front row, too

Ok after 2 1/2 hours we finally made it to the front row (and I would have been reeeealy mad if not^^)
The Support band were...let's say .... boring
I thought that Pharao would be a great band with great sound but the songs and the sound wasn't really good :-(
Evidence One were better but they didn't impress me either. But their guitarist was brilliant.

Yeah now it is Saxon time again!!! The show was great and the crowd really loved them. The first 9 songs of their set were exactly the same as in Düsseldorf but the show was much better. It was fantastic! For me the best part of the show was that they played Broken Heroes! I love that song it was great. And after that? We all wanted a fast song of course^^ and which song could be better than ...Heavy Metal Thunder??? Oh my voice was in such a bad shape after that song but who cares. The show must go on and they came back on stage twice. I think they enjoyed this evening, too and I hope Biff keeps the promise to come back to Nürnberg on their next tour.

After the show was over I met Goss again - he didn't make it two the front row - too many beers he told me xD
I hope to see this man again someday :-) brilliant

After 38 hours without sleep and 2 Saxon gigs a was really happy to go to bed and sleep....... zZzZzZzZz

zZzZzZ ....oh wait there is something a is .. zZzZ.. the Setlist .....

1. Empire Rising / Atilla The Hun
2. Motorcycle Man
3. Let Me Feel Your Power
4. 747 Strangers In The Night
5. To Hell & Back Again
6. Red Star Falling
7. Witchfinder General
8. Strong Arm Of The Law
9. Crusader
10. Traveller In Time
11. Broken Heroes
12. Heavy Metal Thunder
13. I’ve Got To Rock To Stay Alive
14. Princess Of The Night
15. State Of Grace
16. Solid Ball Of Rock
17. Wheels Of Steel (+ Solo Doug)
18. Demin & Leather
19. Ashes To Ashes

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