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Hi Maya - in case you don't see my reply on the gig review, I am re-posting the following:



Originally Posted by GOSS View Post
Hi Maya - and welcome to the Saxon Family ! Yes, that was me at Leipzig !! It was good to meet you - everyone in Germany is always so friendly (unlike England !!). Glad you enjoyed the show - not sure why the set list was shorter than the previous German gigs - but is was still a FANTASTICHE performance !!! See you at the front again some time soon !

Did your friend Martin get to meet the band at the end of the gig ?

Guys - Martin is a young student from Germany, and showed true Militia Guard qualities of the old days by "queuing through the ice and snow" for over 4 hours to get a place at the front ! Haus Auensee is a large hall in the middle of nowhere situated in a forest surrounded by Lakes about 10 km outside Leipzig. Beautiful setting - but with no beers for miles !!! Martin had arrived before 2.30pm and the doors didn't open 'til 7.00pm. We were the only ones there for several hours - and it was 'kin freeeeezzzzzing !! He was really good company and a true Saxon Warrior !

After the gig he waited patiently outside in the freezing cold for hours to meet the Band and get some stuff signed. I hope he was successful as he showed the true spirit of a loyal Saxon fan ! With new blood like Martin, Saxon cannot fail to Rock the Nations again !! Cheers to you, Martin !!

Maya - please persuade Martin to join the Forum ! You never know, but "Big Brother" is watching, and Martin may receive his just rewards !! (Hope his exams went well ).


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