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Another great song from my favourite Metal band, all formats of the album have been duly ordered.

Sick and tired of all the haters who have nothing better to do in their sorry ass lives than to get out of bed every single day and post something negative about Metallica.

I see it all over Facebook, Blabbermouth etc...and it's always the same people and same dumbass comments, "Metallica sold out with the Black Album!", "Metallica aren't Thrash anymore!", "Their production is shit!" blah blah blah.

Metallica stopped being a Thrash band in 1990, since then they've been a great Metal band, they would probably claim they never were a Thrash band to begin with, in fact I've seen Lars say it, he says they are Metallica and as such aren't tied to any genre of Metal.

You can't please some people, I mean all those out there who don't like Metallica anymore, what exactly is it you want them to do for you to like their music?

They will never make another Ride The Lightning, get over it, I wouldn't want them to, that would just be boring.

I did lose touch with Metallica from the Black album up til St. Anger would you believe and when I heard St. Anger (minus the snaredrum sound), I got it straight away, I loved the heavy sludginess of it.

I loved the intense anger and dark connotations of the lyrics, some people will say that the album sounds like a band in turmoil that aren't sure what they are doing anymore but that's the beauty of it.

I even love the Black Album, Load & Reload now and I hated them before, the production on Reload is fabulous, big heavy in your face drumsound.

Yeah people are saying the new Metallica track is a by numbers track but would would you prefer, another track like Nothing Else Matters (which I detest), another Sad But True (bores me)?

My only gripe with Metallica (apart from the fact they don't and never have played Prince Charming live), is the time it takes to release albums.

They're in their 50's now and family men so probably not many years left in the band, so release a few more albums.
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