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Oh dude...I freakin hate Metallica don't get me wrong...I first got into them in 84' when I first heard Ride The Lightning,saw them in 86' in Seattle Wa here in the states...

We all scoffed at them for putting the "One" video out for MTV off AJFA album when Cliff and them said they'd never do a video 2 years before.. so its always been 82' -87' era for me back then...

Once the Black album came out,it sucked SO MUCH that it would of taken a few more elite old school albums to make up for it and stay in thier zone... But instead we got "Load" and then "Re-Load" ... They sucked so much that I look at And Justice For All and think jeeze,compared to everything that came after,makes AJFA look "not so bad"

But going back to the new track Hardwired, no I won't be buying the new album either but as I said...its the first time Metallica made a lot of us smile since 1988.
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