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Originally Posted by MetalMind View Post
I have red that on January 18, 2010 Byford was launching a campaign to have Britons declare heavy metal as their religion in the United Kingdom Census 2011. Would you support him?

Instead sayind simply yes, I will quote Dream Evil (The Book of Heavy Metal song):
"In life I have no religion besides the Heavy Metal Gods"
Too right. At least we won't fly planes into buildings or blow up commuters.

I can't see the powers that be allowing though. It might upset the muslims.

Originally Posted by Sir Lionheart View Post
I would support it, but there's been plans announced to scrap the UK cencus in the future, whether or not that includes the 2011 cencus I don't remember but it has been planned.
Quite right to, What a waste of bloody money the census is. "How many toilets have you got?" "Have you got a mummy and a daddy, 2 daddies or 2 mummies?" and other bullshit.
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