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My story is very similar to Midnightrider. I saw Saxon on The motorhead tour in 1979. I have seen them at least once, almost every year since. They have never failed to dissapoint.
Going back to 1979, the year I left school. Between school and my engineering apprenticeship I worked on a small farm. Whilst doing some of the jobs I had a radio with me, I think it was Radio 1 but it may have been Radio Luxemburg or Caroline, and they played a track that caught my attention, I thought it was the Sex Pistols (well it was outdoors with a crappy radio) but the presenter refered to a "new" band called Saxon. Now, being an avid reader of Sounds, I had heard of Saxon before but had never herd them play. That night I went to my local record store and ordered the new Saxon self titled LP, which as I recall, had to be ordered as it was yet to be released.
As you have all said; the rest is history.
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