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Originally Posted by roddy View Post
hey all not posted on here for ages but I felt I needed the feedback of the diehards.

current tour.

whats up with Girlschool going on at 6.15 at a gig that says 7pm doors on the ticket?

Fastway - was surprised how much I enjoyed them but couldn't understand why they were on after Girlschool apart from the obvious.

Saxon - great show as always but song choice was a bit meh for me, a few weird post 1990 choices (so many good songs from this era we never hear) and a few glaring omissions (no crusader?). Also do you think I will ever get to hear Run for your Lives or Warrior - I've been going to see Saxon for 20 years now and they have never played these songs, do they play them at all these days, like I heard RFYL was big in Italy.

Anyway was great to see Saxon but didnt feel quite as psyched after the show as usual, especially after the long wait with all the cancelled gigs last year.
The venue sets the times not the band - and some of these places had club nights going on after the gig hence the very early starts.

Regarding the set list, no one is ever going to be 100% happy with what is played or not played - not everyone who goes to a gig is a die hard fan who has followed them for ages - lots just want to hear the classics - but to be fair they have added in things they have not played for years.
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