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Originally Posted by J.D.DIAMOND View Post

I do agree that Destiny, RTN and IINE aren't up with their best, but they aren't as bad as I thought they would be. My least favourite Saxon album is actually their first one.

There are fanboys on most forums- Maiden, Priest, Megadeth etc. I don't like them as they are just blinkered and unobjective.

Maiden are my favourite band, but apart fronm a handfull of songs No Prayer For the Dying is a terrible album. Priest's Nostradamus is their worst album by miles. But accordingg to the fanboys, making those sort of statements is a travesty, "If You don't like it, you're not a real fan" and that sort of bollocks.

As for Saxon:- I like Live To Rock, but I agree with you about Hellcat. I don't lioke the bottleneck version of Coming Home either. Big Teaser, Walking through Tokyo and I Can't Wait Anymore are poor.

The worst ever Saxon song (even more so than Puke) is 6th Form Girls!
Well Maiden being your fav,I've always complained about them mainly the entire 1990's.As you've said No Prayer was terrible except for 3 songs,Fear Of The Dark was the same for me only 3 good tracks and the rest shit,X Factor and Virtual were both horrible,just terrible.

The oo's....Brave New World was only half good to me Dance Of Death is terrible to me and A Matter Of Life And Death was good,not great but good except for the 2 hit songs off the album "Different World" and Benjamin Bragg wich I hate,but the other 8 tracks are good...the best album since Seventh Son in my opinion.

The Judas Priest forum are not filled with "fanboys" yes there are some but they don't pop up very often.I'd say that 85% maybe even 90% of the forum do not like Nostradamus and I've been there for 5 years so I've noticed quite alot, so if somebody said that about Nostradamus on the JP forum,it was from a member who is not there very much,as I said there are at least 85% of fans there who do not like the nostradamus album.

Going back to Saxon,Live To Rock seems to lack something for me,but thats just my opinion,I can see why others like it,yeah Hellcat wasn't that good,they should of left it off the LP.

The one thing that puzzles me is this forum....95% of this forum I've noticed do not like Walking Through Tokyo or the bottleneck version of Coming Home!! HAHAHA that stumps me every time,I can't find any other fans of Saxon outside this forum who hate these 2 songs and it cracks me up lol!!

I keep playing them for people: People at work,home ect...people that have heard Saxon ect..but they all say they are passible but its this forum hahaha!! Saxon has far worse songs than these 2,yet these 2 pop up every time lol! No worries,it just is what it is. lol!
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