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Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
i never disliked those 3 infamous saxon albums. actually i like them quite a bit, ok they are not as good as strong arm, wheels or denim (still the "holy trinity" of saxon albums) but they are better than crusader, forever free, lionheart, inner sanctum.
Originally Posted by innuendo View Post

I never liked Innocense,Rock The Nations or Destiny I label them as the 3 worst Saxon LPs of all time and I hail Lionheart and The Inner Sanctum as Saxon's 2 best records of all time.

Songs like Witchfinder General,To live By The Sword,Lionheart,State Of Grace,Need For Speed,Red Star Falling,Let Me Feel Your Power...every track on Lionheart and every track on The Inner Sanctum I like....very rare for me to like 2 full albums in a row but Saxon did it for me with Lionheart and The Inner Sanctum.

Into The Labyrinth is cool too but the only tracks I don't like from it are Live To Rock and Hell Cat.If those 2 songs were not on the album I would of liked the entire record.

But we all have different opinions thats for sure innuendo,we can't all like everything the same and it's interesting to view other people's ideas and opinions.What drives me nuts is "fanboys" out there who actually say they like everything no matter what it is.

There is an Iron Maiden fanboy at the Judas Priest forum who likes every single thing by Bruce Dickinson I mean everything and I told him his opinions of Iron Maiden don't mean anything to anybody because he really doesn't have an any kind of opinion to give anybody other than "buy a Maiden album...any of them because they are all great" and its a joke!

He couldn't even come up with one Bruce song that he didn't like,so I told him that he already likes every song from the new album by Iron Maiden and it hasn't even come out yet and won't till the end of this year...but he already likes it because no matter what he will like it because its Bruce Dickinson.I hate this kind of fanboys!!
I do agree that Destiny, RTN and IINE aren't up with their best, but they aren't as bad as I thought they would be. My least favourite Saxon album is actually their first one.

There are fanboys on most forums- Maiden, Priest, Megadeth etc. I don't like them as they are just blinkered and unobjective.

Maiden are my favourite band, but apart fronm a handfull of songs No Prayer For the Dying is a terrible album. Priest's Nostradamus is their worst album by miles. But accordingg to the fanboys, making those sort of statements is a travesty, "If You don't like it, you're not a real fan" and that sort of bollocks.

As for Saxon:- I like Live To Rock, but I agree with you about Hellcat. I don't lioke the bottleneck version of Coming Home either. Big Teaser, Walking through Tokyo and I Can't Wait Anymore are poor.

The worst ever Saxon song (even more so than Puke) is 6th Form Girls!
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