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Yeah, Ultimatum really do have that "old school" vibe. The reason I noticed them a few years ago and soon liked them very much, is because they immediately reminded me of NWOBHM - in fact I find them similar to early 80's Saxon. Their frontman - my namesake - Mate Vukorepa is a huge Saxon fan, one of only a few of us die-hard Saxon fans from Split. On the last Ultimatum show in Split, when they were promoting their album, only two persons were in Saxon T-shirt: Mate Vukorepa wore "Lionheart" and I wore "Strong Arm". And just like Saxon have Biff and Paul as only constant members, Ultimatum have Mate and rhythm-guitarist Mihovil Cerina - and numerous line-up changes with the others.

Besides "Ulice zla", they have a couple more really great tracks, especially one called "Pobjesnjelo more" (Raging sea). In most of their songs one can feel true and deep emotions (if one can understand croatian lyrics, that is).

Unfortunatelly, Ultimatum play very, very rarely (it's a bit hard to explain why).

There is one funny anecdote with Mate Vukorepa, which I always enjoy hearing or telling the others.
The first thing you got to know is that although we all consider Ultimatum as heavy metal band, Mate - their singer and founder - doesn't think of himself as a metalhead, he doesn't like their music to be called "metal", but consider Ultimatum as rockers, and their music as hard rock.
The second thing you got to know is that Mate is a true Christian, a good Catholic, which is very rare to find these days.
So, to come to the point, when Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger) a few years ago (I think he still wasn't the Pope at that time) said something like: "Rock is Devil's music" - some metalheads, Mate's friends, said to Mate: "See?! He didn't say anything ABOUT METAL!".

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