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I choose B .

I'd like to point out how busy option A is. The forum message is lost in all the art work. Option B stands out more. I think the shirt only needs the Saxon logo and "Forum Member or Official Forum Member" and "" (no extra art work). It would be a boring shirt but have a powerful and very visable message about the forum that could be easily read. toyotaTRD you've done great work for the forum. I wish I had your skills.

I'm matter what design is chosen. I'm ready to promote the forum and the new album. WOW.. I just had another thought. What if we had the new album cover for the back of the shirt. Now that would kick some serious ass. I can dream can't I...hehe. My mind is racing now. It could have the release date on the shirt too. I like letting people know Saxon is still releasing new albums. That would be the ultimate forum shirt for me. There could be a new forum shirt for each album too. Somebody stop

Long Live SAXON
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