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Originally Posted by PunkTexas View Post
toyotaTRD , I like the cleaned up web address. You've done some great work but to me it looks like a band shirt with a web address tacked on the bottom. I rather have a shirt with web address and forum more prominent. With the present design the web address and forum are the third thing people will see if they see it at all. I don't think the eagle adds to our message. I'll admit I have an ego. I like the wording "Official Forum Member" rather than "Official Saxon Forum". I don't think there's a need to print Saxon again. On the current design Saxon is printed three times.....too redundant and cluttered. My idea is NOT as cool looking but I think it would get our message to the people better. I hope you or anyone reading my post is not offened with my opinion on design. I love Saxon and the forum and want the best for both regardless of the design.

No worries, I like what you propose! I just didn't bother to work with the text as I was focused on the eagle, it's not something easy. I will do what you say but on Monday because I'm out of town right now.
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