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toyotaTRD , I like the cleaned up web address. You've done some great work but to me it looks like a band shirt with a web address tacked on the bottom. I rather have a shirt with web address and forum more prominent. With the present design the web address and forum are the third thing people will see if they see it at all. I don't think the eagle adds to our message. I'll admit I have an ego. I like the wording "Official Forum Member" rather than "Official Saxon Forum". I don't think there's a need to print Saxon again. On the current design Saxon is printed three times.....too redundant and cluttered. My idea is NOT as cool looking but I think it would get our message to the people better. I hope you or anyone reading my post is not offened with my opinion on design. I love Saxon and the forum and want the best for both regardless of the design.

Can you work with the layout ideas below? I'd like to see it with the real Saxon logo.

Official Forum Member

Official Forum Member

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