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Originally Posted by skidmetsfan View Post
No, No, No brother! I was just saying that the fact of an old metalhead needing a walker is ironic given the advanced age of some of us. You did not offend anyone, I was trying to be sensitive to your situation. Although my hearing is rough from 150+ concerts, and will be no better after the next few weeks (UFO, Saxon, & Judas Priest coming up) I feel fortunate to have seen my favorite bands so many times. One day soon they will be gone or I will.
I'm glad your going to see Saxon. I hope your trip is safe and memorable.
Yeah I've got all my ticket stubs from living in Germany- about 120 or so. I've seen many bands many times, and lot'sof bands that I would not have had a chance to see coming from Ohio.

Saxon altogether I've seen 10 times or so. Some bands live just suck, like Def Leppard, early on. I do like them alot but they had a bad night I think. It just wasn't Saxon.
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