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Originally Posted by PunkTexas View Post
Welcome from Texas. Since you just discovered Saxon and have "fresh ears" can you tell us which albums or era you like best?
I tend to favor their work from the '90s to the present. They had plenty of songs from the '80s that are gems, but I think the albums overall were stronger from Forever Free onward. As I began my album purchase adventures, I ended up buying the Solid Book of Rock box set and each studio album released after that collection, with my favorites being (in no particular order) Forever Free, Unleash the Beast, The Inner Sanctum, Into the Labyrinth, Call to Arms, and Sacrifice. I bought the '79 - '88 Very Best of Saxon 3 CD set to cover the early years.

I've found that I tend to favor the later work of many of the long-lived metal bands. I don't know if it's because I'm older, now, or if the later music seems to have a maturity to it that I appreciate. I also prefer 2000 and beyond Motorhead, and Iron Maiden's last several albums (since Dickinson returned).

Saxon's musicianship is top notch, but I think the songwriting is what attracts me the most. Like Iron Maiden, Saxon songs tell interesting stories about history and such, without vulgarity or lyrics demeaning to women. I can listen to Saxon with my 12 year old daughter present and not feel like I have to apologize for my actions. Unlike Iron Maiden, though, Saxon songs tend to be more concise, aren't bogged down by over-indulgent guitar solos, and take more of a Motorhead approach...get in, get to the point, do your business, and get out. I also love Biff's vocals' power and range and his showmanship on stage. His wit and energy live are the equal of Bruce Dickinson's and make for an entertaining stage show. That contrasted at the show Thursday night with Rob Halford's stage presence. Don't get me wrong, I respect and admire Rob Halford, but he's not nearly as dynamic a performer on stage, despite his impressive vocal range.
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