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Originally Posted by Saxon Chick View Post
Gotta say, although I had a fab view on the balcony, the atmosphere and the folk up there just weren't the same (except for Goss, who was also up there). I think there was only really me and Dominic actually joining in with the clapping/jumping/singing along... well, me more than Dominic Dominic enjoyed this gig more, as he could still hear after the gig!

If I go to any London gigs in the future, it looks like I'll be on the balcony with the "Mother Fuckers", rather than on the floor with the "Crazy Bastards"! lol
I was on the balcony to the right of the mixing desk leaning on one of the railings.

I do take your point on the atmosphere, but it doesn't mean people weren't enjoying it. I was leaning on the railings and I didn't really want to spoil the view of the people behind by jumping around too much. The balcony isn't graduated so people wouldn't be able to see as well.

At gigs I tend to go in the seats anyway as I hate being shoved about and having to fight my way through people to go to the bog!)

I do sing along, clap etc, but I love just taking in the whole gig. Just because I don't dance like a maniac, body slam and stage dive doesn't mean I don't enjoy it!
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