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Originally Posted by MetalMind View Post
Yes, concert was sold out since Judas Priest played in Belgrade for the first (and the last) time. I also don't care much for Whitesnake so I didn't mention I saw them too. I would be happier if Saxon were in Belgrade Arena with Priest, but...
You can see videos I made there:
so there was only 12 000 tickets on sale? seems too little for belgrade arena. i know in 2007. they cancelled their concert on day of the concert (july 1st and i had a ticket for zagreb july 2nd), they said that tipton had some health problems but later i heard there was only 700 tickets sold for concert in zagreb, i don't know if that is the truth. it can't be since there was 12 000 people now in belgrade, it's very respectable number for a metal band.

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