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Default All 50 Saxon songs with the word METAL in the title

***** FAKE NEWS ****** FAKE NEWS *****

This is a list of all 50 Saxon songs with the word METAL in the title. This list is in chronological order by release date. Albums with more than one song with METAL in the title will be placed by track order.

1. This Is A Metal House
2. Metal Genre Gerrymandering
3. Metal Is Undead
4. Great Grandpa Metal
5. Multitudinous Multifarious Multi Metal Us
6. Fuck You It's Metal
7. Combination To The Metal Subgenre
8. I'll Play Metal 'til I Look Like An Iron Maiden Album Cover
9. Metalhead Rest Home (* Metalhead will count as the word Metal )
10. Habanero Metal
11. It's The Metal Way
12. Strict Metal Diet
13. Metal Don't Run
14. Metal Mama
15. You Are Metal, We're Just The Band
16. Metal Elvis Metal Oomph
17. Metal In The Air Tonight
18. Metal Will Be With You
19. AMA ( Alloy Metal Allies )
20. Chunk And Djent Metal
21. Every Living Cell In My Brain Is Metal
22. Metal Supremacist
23. Metal Up
24. Know Your Metal Rights, Know Your Metal History
25. I Dream In Metal
26. Global Metal United
27. Metal In A Small Town
28. The Metal Network
29. The Metal Experience
30. Metal Uniform - Metal Tat
31. Metal ( Our Place Of Worship )
32. OctoMetal
33. Metal Chiropractor Coupon
34. Stream Of Molten Metal On My Cell Phone
35. The Metalteers (* Metalteer will count as the word Metal)
36. Miracle In Metal ( 5 Albums N 5 Years )
37. Metal Doesn't Make Mistakes
38. Metal Independence
39. Ain't No Metal Shaming 'Round Here
40. Metal, Yes
41. Friends Of Metal
42. The Metal Protector
43. Metal Accessories
44. Metal Offering
45. Everything Is Better With Metal
46. Texas Style Metal
47. The State Of Metal
48. Metal disChord (The Ballad Of A Major Chord In A Minor Chord
49. This Isn't Over ( Metal Reigns Forever )
50. Suddenly Metal

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