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[QUOTE=The_Sentinel;55586]I wasn't drunk mate, just have spare cash after selling a large collection. What makes you think it's not worth 400?[QUOTE]

Didn't say it's not worth it .
At the end of the day it's not really about the perceived monetary value is it.
I recently paid over double that for the Motorhead Iron Fist plaque that originally only cost around 30 over 20 years ago.
I missed out back then and have been looking for one ever since which is a long time to wait.
One came up after Lemmys death and i clicked on the BIN price and it was worth it.
If i had just bid chances are it would have sparked auction fever and sold for more to someone else and that may have been my last ever chance to get one and still have time to enjoy it.
I've got that Sacrifice set in my watch list and my searches show that it really is the only genuine Deluxe one currently for sale and with there only being 50 of them made i might have been tempted to jump on the BIN myself if i didn't already have it.

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