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I almost forgot to mention that I ended up sitting next to Mancow at the show.
I'm not a fan of his but he is a local / national radio guy.

Mancow and friend of Mancow.

It was pretty funny considering that he used to trash Saxon when he was on Q101.

I walked down to my seat and was talking with those around me when the two seats to my left were suddenly occupied. I looked to see who I would be sitting next to and much to my amazement it was Mancow and a friend of his. I was so stunned that I actually blurted out "Mancow?"

Mancow reached over and said hello and shook my hand.

It was not lost on me that I am a fan of Steve Dahl and Saxon and that Mancow had made fun of both in his past. Steve Dahl is also a local radio / podcast guy who is legendary in the radio industry for being one of the first to pioneer the FM talk radio format. Steve's an early forerunner of what Howard Stern would become and in fact Stern lifted more than a bit or two from Steve. Mancow and Steve have had a long running feud.

At any rate we joked about how fortunate we all were to be so close to the stage. Mancow's pal chatted with me about our occupations and then the show began.

Saxon took the stage first and blasted through a set of classics mixed with a new tune thrown in. I've seen Saxon five times or so and the guys did not disappoint. They were the perfect opener for Priest.

After Saxon left the stage Mancow reached over and tapped me saying "Don't you feel ripped off that they didn't play Denim and Leather?"
This was surprising to me in that ten years or so earlier Mancow was ripping Saxon and bands like them for being out of touch with the current music trends. Suddenly he's a fan?
I told him that I was fine with it seeing as that I try and always see Saxon whenever they come through town and had heard that song each time. I did agree that they probably should've played it seeing as that the crowd would've really dug it. I surmised that maybe they were holding it back so as that fans might come out to see them the next time they came through town on their own headlining tour.

Soon it was time for Judas Priest to come on and down the lights came and out stormed the Priest. They put on a great show and I took some good pics. Mancow and his pal split with three songs left in the Priest set.

At any rate Mancow was polite enough and while I had an overwhelming urge to tell him that Steve Dahl says hello I didn't want to cause any trouble for myself or those around me. I doubt it would've been an issue but it would've been funny to ask him if he really dislikes Steve or if it's all for show.
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