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The gig sunday night at The Rave was FANTASTIC!!! Biff and the boys were in TOP FORM!

This was my first time seeing Saxon since 2000, approximately two weeks prior to the birth of my first (and only) son (who's 12th birthday is thursday Happy Birthday Keaton!!!).

I was thrilled to learn when I got down to the venue that the show had been moved from the Rave Basement to The Rave, as this let me know that there were going to be a decent amount of people! (basement capacity is maybe 300; The Rave is around 1,000). My best estimate is that there were 600 people, which I think is GREAT for a sunday night!

As mnsaxonfan mentioned, Biff seemed really happy with the crowd size and energy. I'm not sure how many songs Saxon are playing in each city, but we got 18 songs, which was cool. I won't reveal the entire setlist, but it was very cool to hear some hidden gems like "Rock N Roll Gypsy" and "20,000 Feet" and I'm was thrilled to hear my all-time favorite song (hard to pick just one but if I have to, this is it), "The Eagle Has Landed".

The band was really tight (as expected) and Biff still sounds AMAZING for 62?

It was a true concert highlight, and reminds me (and I'm sure others) of what the spirit of HEAVY METAL is all about! I had a great time hanging out with old and new friends and singing along to all the fantastic Saxon songs. It was also nice that Saxon played my 5 favorite songs from the new cd.

Anyhow, Saxon, thanks for always filling my head with HEAVY METAL THUNDER!!! If you make it back to the USA/midwest/Wisconsin, I will most definitely be there! Up the Irons and Defend the Faith! \m/
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