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The concert-ambiance for first day of Into the Grave, Saxon will end the first day and goes on stage from 22.35u -23.50u at 16.00u it starts today
I didnt enter the show at all btw. I was standing outside the place. I think iím too practical compared to this kind of organisation-way.. Iím more the old fashion kind. Buy your ticket at a record store, but that wasnt pssible till midday..hour queing by the kassa, I thought bullocks, with pain in the heart ! I want to have the pre-fun before a gig and that feeling was not there (before i went i didnt even know i could get inside) know.. Good sound (even outside the place, I met some other alone wulfs, who thought the same as me..we were glad we stood there as diehard Saxon fans, we coulnt see them, but we felt them and did hear them..))Saxon did a splendid job. I wished it would have been organized different.. i would have entered the concertÖI keep in memmory the previous gig in Leeuwarden in Theater Romein from Saxon..that was practical ( read: no ticketmaster etc..not that commercial, more practical- I was in the hall then in 2 minutes..) and you dont have those bands around you dont like at all..( exept Metal Church and Flotsam and Jetsom, who were good, im not a fan of all those painted heads/masks/ travestite, latent gay kindelike know what i mean.. i hope )after 40 years fan, I still didnt score a Saxon T-shirt..previous gig all t-shirts were gone..this time there were enough, but ...I think it will never be..I think its not meant for me..but who knows ? Future can be surprising sometimes

Saxon played
Battering Ram
Let me feel your power
Power and the glory
Solid Ball of Rock
Battalions of Steel
20000 feet
Dogs of War
Heavy Metal Thunder
Bands played on
747 Strangers in the night
Wheels of Steel
denim and leather
Princess of the night

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