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Doug and Paul have been testing out Gibson's attempt at a metal Les Paul, known as the Axcess, it's a thinner body with open humbuckers and an optional trem setup to create a heavier sound while allowing for fast playing. I imagine they'll be using them for a while to come, but Doug's Dean V is available via GAK as mentioned and has all the parts of Doug's own Saxon V. The pickups, the measurements, the paint, the lot of it. You're best to try that guitar if you want to know what it's like, trying other guitars similar to that will give you an idea but there's still considerable differences between them, so if you're hunting for an exact model, try that model. If you're buying it only for the logos and paint then it probably would be better to buy something else and just decorate it, but the V79 has the looks and the hardware to match.
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