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Default Scored a copy today.

I was lucky enough to score a copy at today's Record Store Day event. My local store sold out (I got the second to last copy they had).

Great packaging and vinyl pressings.

Knocking it down to a 9 out of 10 because the lack of live performance pictures on each cover. An American version with proper large hole would have been nice but the small hole makes it more English.

Those live recording are very interesting.

*** I still think Saxon should release some if not all of the early 80's albums on 8-track tape on a future Record Store Day. They will most likely be the only band releasing an 8-track tape which guarantees a lot of free press. Part of the free press would include the fun fact that Saxon never released an album on 8-track tape during the heyday of 8-track tape cartridges in America.
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