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Default Greetings from Youngstown, Ohio USA

In mid-October of 2017, at age 50, I finally "discovered" Saxon. Although I've been a fan of heavy metal music since the mid-80's, I was never exposed to Saxon as a band or to any of their work, other than a reference to them in a history of metal documentary on VH1. Stumbling upon the Battering Ram video on YouTube in October, I was stunned...first of all, I didn't know the band still existed...secondly, good god do they rock!!! I spent every evening for the next week scouring YouTube for other Saxon videos and music, quickly got hooked, and went on an online shopping frenzy for albums. The following week, the unimaginable happened...the announcement was made that Saxon was coming to my city, Youngstown, Ohio, on the Judas Priest Firepower tour. That show was last night, and man was it awesome! I wish their set could've lasted longer. Hopefully, I can catch them in Pittsburgh or Cleveland when they visit the US, next time.
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