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Listening at the moment: The Root Of All Evil by Dream Theater

Also been trawling though Lemmies biography (because I have been listening to A LOT OF MOTORHEAD) to listen to what inspired him to become a musician and form Motorhead (Includes Buddy Holly, Little Richard and *ahem* to the dismay of lots of people *cough* Cliff Richard and the Shadows, IMO Cliff has fantastic vocals, no two ways about it, but I think he should have never left the Shadows, sing his older, much better songs more in his original style and should have done a "Nicco McBrain" - Not letting his choice of Religion interfear with his music - missletoe and wine and that Millenium song, no thanks, give me "Move It" and yes, I'll admit I am a bit of a fan of his earlier work, he use to be the British Elvis, but sadly turned to Peter Pan)

I find it intresting that lighter artists inspired Heavy Metal, like Ozzy is a major Beatles fan, and Tony Iommi was inspired by Hank Marvin (even released an album dedicated to the Shadows)

Also, has anyone ever listened to a band called "Jameson Raid", only recently found a song of theirs on my endevor on the interner, the song is called 7 Days Of Splendour, not a bad song, anyone got any history of this band?
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