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Being a metal fan for thirty years now.Bought 'Wheels of Steel' and 'Denim and Leather' albums on vinyl when they were first released way back when.
What draws me to most bands is the lead singer and Saxon were no different.At the time a good friend and fellow metal-head could not stand Biff's voice and i just laughed it off being totally in the opposite camp.
A couple of years ago i switched the radio on while driving only to hear a live heavy version of Cristopher Cross's 'Ride like the wind' and immediately recognised the unmistakable voice of Biff Byford.It sounded great but i was shocked that Saxon were still on the road.I realise now i was one of the lucky ones who missed their whole commercialised spandex -tvfriendly-nancyboy-soft rock-bon jovi period.Just happened to check the Saxon website a few weeks ago and couldn't believe they were coming to Ireland next monday.Before buying a ticket i checked out some of their recent live stuff on youtube to see if they might be gone over the top but was pleasantly surprised by what i've heard.Biff sounds better than ever and the band very tight.Looking forward to hearing some of rock's true journey men.
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