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^^^^^FAKE NEWS ^^^^^

Nigel Glockler fired.

Nigel Glockler was fired from Saxon for being too inebriated to appear on the Serius radio national rock talk show "Trunk Nation".
Eddie Trunk, rock guru, invited Nigel to appear on his nationally broadcast radio show but Nigel did not appear. Host Eddie Truck speculated Nigel was too drunk to remember
his invitation at the NAMM show to be a guest on the Trunk Nation talk show.

*** fake news ***

Some of this is true but Saxon actually gained cred in the rock world for being ROCK-N-ROLL even at the twilight of their career ( some say high point of their career ).
Mr. Trunk spent more time discusing the event than an actual interview with Nigel Glockler would have lasted. This was a win for Saxon. Long live rock n roll. Long live Saxon.

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