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Well, I've made some pretty wacky posts on the forum in hopes to get a response from anybody, good, bad or indifferent to no avail.

I haven't been on FaceBook in almost 2 weeks.... I've found it very liberating. I've broken the chains to checking FB 10+ times a day. Don't get me started about the amount of ads. Maybe I'll reopen my account just to follow Saxon.

I had a similar experience with 45 days free from searching ebay. Sure I missed a couple rare Saxon items but I used the time well.

In closing on a super personal selfish wish....

Saxon has a full band video press release announcing their intention to release 5 new studio albums in 5 consecutive years. Today's society has a short term memory and we've made a pact as a band to not be forgotten. We have a lot to prove and not a lot of time to do it. It's not business as usual. We will set ourselves apart from other bands. Saxon will become the battering ram. Let the battle commence.

(and on the sixth year Iron Maiden will be opening for Saxon)
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