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Default Forum shutting down

Hi All

I wanted to let you all know that within the next week this forum will be shutting down. It's not getting much traffic anymore with the rise of other forms of social media and while it may not seem like it, it's quite a bit of upkeep/costs, etc to get this portion of the website going.

I know not all of you use Facebook, but over there you can of course follow the band on the official page but there are several really great fan pages set up you can join, such as Saxon Fan Group, Saxon For Ever, etc. Just search and you can find them.

Nigel, Biff and Paul all have their own official pages on FB as well.

The band also has Twitter and Instagram. The rest of the website will stay but with a revamp in the next few months.

Hope to see you all over there

Gina Glockler

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