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First off,I am 46 years old and first got into Metallica in 1984 when Ride The Lightning came out....I've hated Metallica ever since The Black album came out in '91....that album and everything they've done since is utterly CRAP.

But the new Track Hardwired does not have Death Megnetic over tones in it as Doom Rider's opinion states...I highly disagree and I too grew up on Metallica, Slayer,Testament ect...

I too have an opinion .....It sounds like it could of been released in 1989 right after .. And Justice For All. The guitar tones sound more like AJFA than Death Megnetic. ?

This song sounds like a cross between the song Damage Master of Puppets & Blackened off AJFA...the attitude/spirit of the Hardwired track has a late 80's vibe. I'd love to bash 'Tallica this time around like I have for the last 25 years but I'm not going for the TREND ....I'm giving credit where credit is due.

And this "production" trend...notice it doesn't matter what band it is...even Saxon...."the production sucks"....the production...the production...the production.... Jesus...these people obviously do not like 80's metal cause for Christ's sake go back and listen to the production of some of some classic LPs...

..the production suffering these days is a mental trend..sure once in a while a band has one but no way this many albums are deemed poor production...Judas Priest's (my favorite band)Redeemer Of Souls is a good example....listen to Defenders Of The Faith's drum tone....its terrible...

..but since its a great album nobody notices it. It sounds like a drum machine for God's sake! Anyways..

Don't like the new Track? Fine. But this IS 80's styled Metallica....even Kirk's solo. Now ....the rest of the album? That could be another story.

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