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I don't really like it. Drums sound bad and it's a bit lifeless. It's got that death magnetic sound which was ok but not well suited to faster old school thrash. Don't think rich middle aged men do thrash we to be honest. Overkill, Death Angel & Testament are making better albums than the so called big 4. But there are quite a few young bands doing it with a lot more energy - Lost Society, Havoc, Hatchet, Vektor etc.

Slightly biased though grew up in the thrash era. Loved the first 4 Metallica albums. Black albums was just ok. Liked load and reload but the image and crap they spouted was hard to listen to. St anger was terrible. Lou lou an embarrassment. Death Magnetic ok but they live on the early stuff. Great live still but even they know live the crowd are looking for the early material. So not much hope for the new one.

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