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agrius747 08-09-2019 08:36 PM

Who is going to the concert in London?
I will come😎

midnightrider 08-10-2019 06:52 PM

Me :) and manchester

Husky 08-11-2019 09:09 AM

Me too,in London :cool:
and Düsseldorf :D

shane 02-06-2020 09:23 PM

I'll be at the London show.

papadoc 02-09-2020 08:30 PM

London and Manchester for me. :):)

northernlady 02-24-2020 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by papadoc (Post 57637)
London and Manchester for me. :):)

for me too :D

XRWoody 03-12-2020 02:49 PM

Me, my brother and a mate will be at Hammersmith :)

Mark106 03-14-2020 08:02 PM

Up for the London gig but reckon it'll be cancelled very soon. Anyone heard anything?

shane 03-14-2020 08:56 PM

I suspect it will be pulled, with English Government news on Monday.
I kind of hope it does, that will take the decision out of my hands, well, I hope it will be rescheduled.
Disappointed on Biff's solo shows also.
With new temporary airline policies over the virus, it was possible for me to change my April flight for free.
The same will happen if the Hammersmith show is pulled so I would move my flights to the new dates also.

Husky 03-15-2020 08:49 AM

Here in Germany is everything cancelled until cancelled of April.
I wanted to see Gotthard/Magnum and The Band Of Friends (Rory Gallagher Tribut)
The only one I have a ticket and still can go is Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman.
Saxon in London ✊
Let' s hope the best.

northernlady 03-17-2020 02:22 PM

the UK shows are postponed

Husky 03-18-2020 07:19 AM

London, September 5th.:D
Hope to see many of you,all healthy .;)

shane 03-18-2020 10:43 PM

I'll keep my ticket also for the rescheduled Sep 5th show, was able to transfer the flights for free.

I'd a ticket for Biff's solo show in London also, that was refunded, Ive a week to change my flights to another day for free or cancel the flights and get maybe half my money back, I'll wait til the final day to make a decision as I've nothing I can really reschedule the flight for, maybe towards seeing Maiden in the summer, if their tour goes ahead.

Husky 03-20-2020 09:25 AM

I've changed the hotel-booking to the new dates for the Saxon show in London.
Waiting to get the money back for the train tickets and the ticket for Biff's solo show.
It will take some time as they have a lot to do.
I too,want to see Maiden in summer,Priest and Aerosmith as well.
Lets hope the virus will leave as very soon.

midnightrider 03-22-2020 10:43 AM

Not booking nothing else this year until this is over. Nobody knows what sort of time frame we are looking at to get back to normality. Lost money again on this trip and had other things planned,but i don't think these will happen now.I hope i am wrong and things get back to normal soon, as we all need something to look forward to. stay safe fellow rockers look after each other, and your loved ones.

shane 04-28-2020 11:56 PM

I would have been in London tonight for Biff's solo show, had it gone ahead :(

Actually I was in London 25 years ago tonight for Dissection in The Marquee :)

Husky 04-29-2020 07:23 AM

A shame it couln't take place.:(
For me it would have been May 2nd.

As for Saxon: Whether it really works in September,:confused: rather not:(

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