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TheRedPuma 06-13-2019 12:57 PM

A warm greeting to YOU ALL from Rome, Italy!!!
Hello. I am Alessio. Fan since the end of 1989 (I was 14).
First album: POWER & THE GLORY. It bewitched me at first listen. It's a perfect album, according to me, of that kind of Heavy Metal I call "Biker Metal". Guitar distortion that gives the idea of a motorcycle roar, containing riffs which alternate between stopped bass strings and open chords (often arranged in sequences where a note is emphasized every 3 out of 4/4), on fairly fast rhythms. I don't know if I succeed in explaining what I want to say... but this element, which has always been a prerogative of the Saxon music, has always been my passion! I've been a guitarist since I was 13 years old. And I spent most of my adolescence playing albums like "Power ...", "Strong Arm Of The Law", "Wheels Of Steel" and "Denim & Leather". The most beautiful thing, in my adolescence, was to play along with these albums on my guitar (forst acoustic, then electric), rather than just listening to them. I can say I matured as a guitarist thanks to Saxon. I've always preferred to play along with their classic albums rather than Irons, Metallica ecc. Since now, I deepened the theoretical knowledge on the motivations of the existence of Heavy Metal (books, documentaries...), and I am very happy with what I discovered. Most importantly, Saxon are still one of my favorite HM bands.
Currently, after 30 years of passion for Metal music, I am strongly convinced of the existence of a "pentacle" of GODS OF METAL, including the most important bands in terms of influence. I think the pentacle's vertices are the following (in order of record appearence):
-Black Sabbath
-Judas Priest
-Iron Maiden
I know that not everyone agrees on Saxon as one of the "vertices" (some amateur sites have their chart, in which Saxon are NOT present, replaced instead with Metallica, or with Manowar), but ... in my opinion Biff's band is one of the Top 5 bands, thanks to which Metal as we know it today would not exist.
Despite this, I respect the ideas of others. But I'd like Saxons to be considered World Heritage. I hope this will happen sooner or later. They deserve it.

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