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MooreSaxon747 12-29-2017 09:52 AM

Saxon - Power & The Glory Amarillo, Texas Concert July 17, 1983
This would have been my 1st concert that I actually missed. I was age 14 the date was July 17, 1983 in Amarillo, Texas it was Saxon, Iron Maiden, & Fastway

The reason this means so much to me because when I was 14 yrs old almost 35 yrs ago on July 17, 1983 Saxon was opening for Iron Maiden and I had my ticket to go that night, but my drunk cousin refused to take me and took his girlfriend instead. He burned out of there in his truck throwing rocks on me and flipped me the bird, it was not the Saxon Eagle. He left me stranded in the countryside 35-40 miles from the concert venue, I had no ride to the Saxon show. I was so disappointed. It has taken me 35 yrs to get over it. That was the same week I purchased the Power & The Glory cassette for $7.99 played it so much I almost wore it out. And then I was introduced the following to the album Crusader.

Recent update, I finally got experience that same set of 6 songs from the concert. A friend sent me a link, to a Westwood One radio show of the July 22, 1983 Saxon concert in Norman, Oklahoma 5 days after the July 17, 1983 Saxon show I had missed. The sound quality is great!
35 yrs later I got hear the 1983 Saxon live recordings. It is totally amazing!

Here is the original Saxon set list

#1 Power & The Glory
#2 Princess Of The Night
#3 Redline
#4 The Eagle Has Landed
#5 This Town Knows How To Rock
#6 Strong Arm Of The Law

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