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MartyWalker 12-19-2010 10:17 PM

Alrosa Villa 1998 Columbus Ohio
I found out about this Concert quite by accident. I bought a bunch of Tickets immediately and took some friends. The gig itself wasn't hardly advertised on the radio until two days before the start. Looking around I thought this place was gonna be sold out. Well it wasn't. Biff after about the 3rd song announced that Ticketmaster fucked them bad and that TM reported the concert as canceled. Well looking around to see how many may have show up for the concert I figured less than 30 stood up at the stage and many were just regulars were sitting and they didn't seem to be there for the show. ( although at the end they all came down and were drawn to how hard Biff and the boys were playing hard for everybody).

When I remember that, why would they want to tour that way again. Well they played over 2 1/2 hours, for 30 people. I would have thought they would have walked away. They made me so proud. Back in the Bus I asked Paul about this show and he said profoundly " it's just rock in roll". They would play for 30 people or 80,000 people. I'm truly amazed at the persistence of this band. I'm sure they lost money on the night but in my mind they made more money on sales of albums, memorabilia etc...

This Alrosa Villa is the same place that Dimebag Darrel was fatally shot onstage. It's a dive but I hope if they come back that they will promote it better and use another place. Everyone there thought the same as me, that the attendance would have been sold out had not TickMast had not on the radio told this show was cancelled. Talk about Biff being pissed.

They played so well and the respect level was through the roof. I don't want to sound redundant but what a night. Like a gig just for me and my twin. I had over 100 pics from this gig and everyone were stolen from my brothers broken down car on a country road. Gone !!!
We got to talk with Doug before the gig. A great man. Afterwards the rest in the bus. This is why I'm Saxon's Biggest Fan. Not by ownership of T-shirts, albums, tattoo's or other stuff, but I never saw such purpose for just a few people. Thanks Saxon.

Dirkster 12-20-2010 08:16 PM

Great story Marty, thanks for sharing.

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