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SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:39 PM

The Biggest Review Ever - Part 9 - London - Shepherd´s Bush
so now it´s time for the biggest review ever part 9:


so i dont know where to begin as always...

lemme think...

okay - i will try something new - now listen !

grandfather - tell me a story !

ah, all right - go and get the chronicles...

no, not one of those - a REAL story !

a REAL story ?

YES ! tell me about when you were a shepherd in the bush !

well then, i shall have to take you back with me a looong way in time. it was in april 2000 and something as the two german warriors arrived at the dortmund airport - it was a short trip from their home - their horse did not need to ride very long - and then their trip from sweet home began - heading northwards the eagle took them in dortmund on his wings and flew them all the way to the mighty kingdom in order to fight again beside the band they always adored. now - what else do you want to hear ?

tell me about the mystic heroes they met on their way through the kingdom !

all right, so first i will tell you the story of their arrival: the eagle dropped them on the ancient luton aeroport late in the afternoon on thursday the 22nd - the trip was heavy for him - so he rested and left for good to come back again later in time. after changing their deutschmarks into pounds they took the train southwards to london where the royal horses were waiting to take them further on their trip. at 10 pm they arrived at the iron gates of tooting station once again. they stood all alone at the foggy train station and waited for the adventures to be solved. as the smoke did clear they saw the shiny outlines of the mighty GOSSman - he was awaiting them already in order to lead them to loubet castle which he calls his home - to give them some shelter after this adventure trip. let me show you a picture of them:

wow - that looks nice ! were there some knights around the castle?

yes indeed ! even the king was there that night and here he is:

saxonator mentioned that...

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:39 PM

that is a REAL king ? i mean this is the leader of ancient battles ?

yes ! he was fighting in famous battles many years ago - he leaded thousands of troops in order to defend the crown. no one will ever forget him.

grandfather - what happened that night ?

well, the mighty gossman lead them through tooting city to have some chinese food and getting memories back. after they returned to the castle goss had also one further present for them:

what are that for permits ?

that are the passes for some special event happening the very next day

tell me about that day !

okay, on the next day they decided to visit a special place where everyone can see the remainings of ancient battles. they took some weird kind of transportation: no horses - no ships - they took some heavy electric worms which run very fast in the deep down digged undergound tubes:

then, as the worm stopped, we escaped by using electric iron stairs to see the lights shining again:

as we reached the place we headed for we were curious which treasures could be found inside...

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:39 PM

then, as we walked through the chambers and catacombs, we explored a mask which we saw many years ago - but we forgot where and when that was...

hey grandfather, that mask is from the famous saxon album "killing ground" and that was in 19-90-something ! you are getting old !

oh well, you´re right - thanks for the reminder ! and here is a...

the king and his warriors assembled around the mask to get some nice shots:

hey grandfather - i bet that mask would fit you well !

yes indeed - i tried to take it with me but unfortunately they invented mystic heavy unbreakable glass which didn´t allow me to steal that items. well, at least i got the proof that we were there...

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:39 PM

something to read for you:

a wonderful view:

something from the fifth century:

now look at that:

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:40 PM

a golden eagle was there also - i couldn´t stop myself from making further shots:

i think you were hungry after that adventure ?

oh yes that´s true - as we left the museum-castle we took the earth-worm back to gossonator´s castle and it was...


but grandfather, tell me about the gathering with all the other warriors from all around the world.

all right, here you are. later that day we travelled to a another far away place. goss lead us there:

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:40 PM

and here the gathering took place. we even met st. george - he was already there - well, he had the fastest horses in the kingdom !

they came from nearly everywhere to prepare for the battle:

they came from england poland sweden...

grandfather, how did they make sure to be recognised ?

well, every one of them had something to show. flags of famous battles, banners from their states, drinks, hats, caps, jackets... and there was one knight who celebrated his birthday - they called him pax - he was the first to shout for drinks:

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:40 PM

the strong arm of the law was present too to keep the peace in that bar - they called him philthy phil:

metal junior knight dude from sweden was also there - it wasn´t his first battle in england:

the kingdom was calling for another one: they invited the underground star saxonized as well because he can sing and get the people in the earthworm in the right mood:

that looks great ! i think you had a great time there !

yes it was fantastic to see all of them again. i even made a video of the gathering - *KLICK*

after that we headed for the next bar to collect some further saxon followers to fight with us:

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:40 PM

i didn´t remember all of their names - we were too much in numbers now:

another video: the friends of sir phil came along in their private car: *KLICK*

i think this soldier died in the battle - i lost him somewhere later...

now this is sir otto - a nice dude - he was a real friend and gave us the best company:

well, we had some fun too - warriors know how to have fun !

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:40 PM

northernlady met a well known face again: sir huw - the golden knight from wales:

okay, the mighty gossman again !

and on this photo most of the soldiers are visble - it wasn´t possible to get all of them on one picture - so here is the real elite:

hey grampa, one can get real frightened when those hords would pass the way !

oh yes, they were armed and dangerous - their horses were saddled and the ale was running :-)

SAXONATOR 09-21-2008 05:41 PM

now this is...

hehe some further ale and they forgot about their inhibitions:

tell me about how that army entered the battlefield !

i will - we entered the shepherd´s bush - the hall was nearly too small and so we filled every corner of the battlefield to prepare for the saxon battle...

yes - we were lots in numbers...

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