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agrius747 05-30-2019 10:20 PM

The Eagle Has Landed 40 (live) 747 Signature Edition
What do you think about this edition?

PunkTexas 06-02-2019 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by agrius747 (Post 57529)
What do you think about this edition?

If they're not releasing new material I don't give a rat's nut sack. :eek:

PS Take my comment with a grain of salt. I'm the worlds most selfish Saxon fan..... I want a new album each month.

Husky 06-02-2019 09:29 AM

I've already preordered the standard edition, before knowning about the signed one.
It's great they do a new,The Eagle Has Landed',I think :cool:
They will have a new album as well,soon.:D

agrius747 06-02-2019 11:17 AM

I love Saxon live, that's why I'm interested in every live release. For me, Saxon is the best live band now. 40 songs is a very good idea, it will be a great compilation for the car. I do not like compilations from studio tracks. I ordered a 747 signature edition, of course. By the way, a great idea for the number of 747 copies. In January I also ordered a CD with a replicas setlist and I bought a ticket for a concert in London.

However, the description of the box is "tour pass". Does anyone know if the "tour pass" is just a badge or a real concert entry?

agrius747 06-02-2019 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Husky (Post 57531)
I've already preordered the standard edition, before knowning about the signed one.
It's great they do a new,The Eagle Has Landed',I think :cool:
They will have a new album as well,soon.:D

And Biff's solo album too:D

zed1015 06-02-2019 06:23 PM

How many different versions are there ?
I've seen 2cd with set list - 3cd but still only 40 songs and the Vinyl 747 limited box.
Is there something i'm missing with the 3cd version being spread over an extra disc ?
Also why the heck haven't they included the CD in the 747 box set as I would have bought that but as I don't have a turntable I won't as I don't need another dust gatherer.

Husky 06-10-2019 01:26 PM

I saw only one CD set :confused:
and the signature set.:cool:
Could't resist to order it.:D

louthgaz 07-16-2019 11:38 PM

I’d like to get this but personally think the price is somewhat steep! Saxon fans, particularly those who collect the deluxe box set type editions, have come in for a regular caning with multiple releases over recent years, not forgetting the coloured / splatter vinyl reissues, vinyl hoard, solid book of rock, decade 4 disc set, Thunderbolt singles set etc.. The current release comes in at over £155 when you factor in postage. Now we all know nothing comes for free, no one is forced to buy it etc and this may be limited and great quality, but disregarding the box set ‘candy’ it comes in at over £30 per disc, not even coloured vinyl, which isn’t great value for money. Bearing in mind you could pick up the mammoth Nazareth box set for about £105 on its release last year, then this five disc offering, tempting as it may be, suggests a fleecing for fans...

Heavycelli 08-07-2019 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by Husky (Post 57531)
I've already preordered the standard edition, before knowning about the signed one.
It's great they do a new,The Eagle Has Landed',I think :cool:
They will have a new album as well,soon.:D

I didnt buy it yet. I've listened to the songs...and there is a part I really do like, and some parts I really feel disappointed about.

Machine gun is a good song, but on this live version I cannot hear the perfect solo i did hear on the studio version..That could have been done more proper in another way.. Even a great song like sons of this live version biff sings a total differnet lyrics as in the booklet and in some songs his voice sounds so un-Biff-like horrific..and ther e are more of them that are disappointing..and then on other parts it sounds so much better and good..what is the reason of that? It's 40 years of candles.. sometimes it fels so pflichtmaessig.. Eagles 1 and two super... 3 also..but this fourth one? well...maybe its because there are songs on it that i dont like that much as others.. dont get me wrong I'm a fan and i will be one..I stay to the point that I like a live recording of one festival..and then especially people who come especilly for Saxon. The real Saxon tribe..Of course I listen to parts of this 40 live cd, but I will skip alot..I please myself that i have lots of other good sounding episodes.. But maybe its me..i get too old and accid? 2,5/5

agrius747 08-11-2019 03:26 PM

Finally, I can also write about this release and music, because I'm already after the third listening to the whole. The release is beautiful. A replica of the 747 text, hand-signed and numbered by Biff, and a beautiful collection of guitar picks make this edition worth buying, the more so that ordinary is not much cheaper. It was analogous with cd, because the ones containing the replica setlist were cheaper than the current version without the setlist! Unfortunately I didn't draw any tickets but you don't always have to win! In 2013, I won one of fifteen randomly inserted tickets for the special version of Sacrifice (D2C Deluxe). That is why I was able to see the whole rehearsal of the band before the concert in Warsaw in 2014 and meet these wonderful and very nice musicians for the second time. I have been well over 10 times at the concerts of this noble band and it still doesn't bore me.

But let's get to the music evaluation on The Eagle Has Landed 40. In my opinion, this release aspires to the best concert compilation Saxon and all heavy metal in general. Already the first song hammered me to the floor. Nigel's drums literally like thunder, Biff's vocals like a bell and Doug's sparkling solo put on their knees. In turn, Nibbs' bass is like a pulsating heart of a lion in every song. The game of Paul, my favorite guitarist, reminds me of a spider on the web but it's not the web but the guitar fretboard. I agree with the previous speaker that the Machine Gun solo in the original is better but the whole thing is better in the concert version. It just cuts like a machine gun. However, it should be noted that the musicians simply stated that they would not play Graham Oliver's solos and that is why there are different songs in each song that they re-composed with Doug. And it's very good that it happened because in most cases they are better, such as the second solo in Princess of The Night or the solo in Play it Loud, not to mention Frozen Rainbow (which was missing on the described release, that's why I judge based on the concert from the album additional to the album The Inner Sanctum), in which Doug in my opinion can easily compete with Garry Moor in Still Got The Blues. For me, Saxon is a whole and not just the eighties and what's more, I think it is in the best composition now. The release includes many great new songs like Demon Sweeny Todd, Valley of the Kings or Chaising The Bullet but also iron classics like Rock and Roll Gypsy, The Eagle Has Landed or Crusader (the last two in the version with a string section, the second drums and they also sound powerful). Is finally the perfect Secret of Flight from the last album. It's also great that Saxon paid tribute to three songs by Lemmie and the guys from Motorhead!

A masterpiece (6/5). That's why I recommend this release to every fan!

Greetings from Warsaw!:)

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